Trashers wins Best App Ever Award for Best Kids Game of 2011

Scientifically Proven Entertainment (based in Farmington Hills) and RGH Games has announced that Trashers, a game which invites kids of all ages to board a garbage truck and clean the streets whilst fighting trash monsters, has won Best Kids Game of 2011 in the ‘Best App Ever Awards 2011′. Now in its fourth year, organizers received over 1.5 million votes (over three times the number cast last year) from the public who chose from 7,243 applications, making the awards the largest of its kind.

Trashers, which was just released in December 2011, underwent two rounds of public voting, beating the popular Catch that Bird and Lego(R) Creationary to the coveted title. It was announced at Macworld Expo in San Francisco by the organisers, 148Apps, which is a leading web-zine that reviews the latest iOS applications to hit the charts.

Winning the award is the latest in a long line of testimonials for Scientifically Proven and RGH Games. The iPhone App Review said the game is “inventive, beautifully drawn and absolutely engaging.” Meanwhile AppDictions said “Scientifically Proven and RGH Games has created this unique storyline with plenty of replay value. It features terrific illustrations, graphics and sound, complete with a rumbling garbage truck and belching trash monsters.”

" We are very proud to bring this award to our adoptive home of Michigan. We relocated here with the goal of developing creative, engaging and profitable content while building an industry with incredibly talented individuals and entities. This award indicates that we are on the right path." said Nathaniel 'Than' McClure founder of Scientifically Proven.

Features of the Trashers game include:

* Good, clean fun – Players fight the filth by racing to collect as much trash as they can

* Explore different worlds – Drive the garbage truck through 3 dirty worlds and 9 levels

* Fight trash monsters – Defeat Doctor O and her evil minions who want to trash the town

* Earn trophies – Complete each level within the time goals to earn trophies and show off wins on Game Center

Device requirements:

* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3/4G iPod touch, iPad, and Adroid

You can download the award winning Trashers here

Best App Ever Awards

30 January 2012

Scientifically Proven is proud to announce the release of CasinoCats Poker Club for iPhone and iPad

Play your favorite card games like never before! Each number card has two possible values, and you can choose which number to go with, just by spinning the card!

Games Included:

Texas Hold 'Em - Up to nine players on line at once! Play either standard Texas Hold 'Em or Spin Card Texas Hold 'Em.

Blackjack - While you can spin the cards, the dealer can't. Playable as either standard or Spin Card!

Memory Cats - A new game created just for the Casino Cats Spin Cards. Part memory game, part solitaire, all AWESOME!

CasinoCats Poker Club

05 December 2011

Scientifically Proven is proud to announce the release of Trashers for iPhone, Ipad, and Android

Let's clean up this city! Hop on board the City Haul garbage truck with Gus and Nico to collect all the stinky trash and defeat the evil Doctor O and her minions, the Trashers!

Doctor O is the most dangerous opossum the world has ever known -- and it's your job to stop her! The evil doctor wants to overrun every city and town with stinky, filthy garbage and only 2 trash collectors are brave enough to stop her, Gus and Nico.

As you drive around town, your feathered friend Skiff will guide you as you clean up the dirty streets. Quickly collect trash cans to power up because evil trash monsters are looking for a fight. Defeat them with your trash-based weapons and defend yourself as they throw bags of garbage your way.

Your goal is to defeat all the trash monsters and clean up the town as fast as you can! You can also play fun mini-games to earn valuable bonuses along the way. Complete the levels to enter Doctor O's Lair for one final battle.

Try the game for FREE and get instant access to the 3 levels in Surburbia. Want more trash day fun? Upgrade using the in-app purchase to play all 9 levels including Surburbia, Urbanon, and Filth Fortress.


Drive your garbage truck through the mall, city, airport, and more. The clock is ticking as you race through the streets picking up the garbage. Every trash can you collect gives you more strength on your Trash Meter for when it's time to battle the trash monsters that block your path.

Each level is not only littered with garbage, it's also crawling with slimy trash monsters like Sludger, Junkster, and Alumiknight who want to stop you from cleaning up their home. Use your trash-based weapons to attack, and you also have your friend Skiff to help. But watch out -- the trash monsters are throwing garbage bags and toxic waste right at you!


With the lovable and funny characters Gus and Nico, Trashers is fun for kids and kids at heart. The game is filled with icky, gooey adventures as you collect trash and fight monsters. Trashers has an eco-friendly message that encourages recycling with its fun mini-game.

Features of the Trashers game include:v

Fun and exciting - Fight the filth by racing to collect as much trash as you can

Explore different worlds - Drive your garbage truck through 3 dirty worlds and 9 levels when you upgrade to the full app

Fight trash monsters - Defeat Doctor O and her evil minions who want to trash the town

Easy to learn - Intuitive gameplay puts you in the driver's seat right away

Earn trophies - Complete each level within the time goals to earn trophies and show off your wins on GameCenter

Ready for some good, clean fun? Play Trashers today!


11 November 2011

A behind the scenes preview of one of our current titles in development

Behind the scenes preview of the prototype with

30 October 2011

SPE teams up with Spartacus, Detroit 187 Star



... (Erin) Cummings, who is planning to come to town next weekend for the Kid Rock concert and the 2011 Ilitch Charities Celebrity Golf Classic, said she has more Motor City-centric news brewing. She and the creative crew from the Farmington Hills-based Scientifically Proven Entertainment are producing "Bitch Slap Code Name: Foxy 69," a downloadable video game based on the character Cummings played in the 2009 film "Bitch Slap." ...

05 August 2011

Scientifically Proven Entertainment wins case over denied Michigan tax credit


In a victory for the state's fledgling video game industry, an Oakland County judge ruled Friday in favor of a Farmington Hills company that sued the state last July for denying it a tax credit for a video game that was being created in Michigan.

Oakland County Circuit Judge James Alexander sided with Scientifically Proven Entertainment of Farmington Hills, which developed "Man vs. Wild: The Game," which went on sale last month.

A year ago, the Michigan Film Office had told Nathaniel McClure, CEO of Scientifically Proven, that the company was not eligible for a tax credit because it did not own or control all of the intellectual property rights involved in producing the game.

But Alexander wrote in his order released Friday that Michigan's laws regarding the incentives "anticipated that an eligible production company may not, at the time of (tax credit) approval, own all intellectual property rights necessary in the project."

"They were adding these requirements and language that simply was not in the statute," said Peter Webster, an attorney at Dickinson Wright, who is representing McClure.

The Film Office could not say Friday whether it planned to appeal the decision. "We are having conversations with the Department of Treasury and the Attorney General to determine our next course of action," said spokeswoman Michelle Begnoche.

McClure said $1.5 million was spent to develop the game, which is based on the hit Discovery Channel series "Man vs. Wild." Scientifically Proven is seeking a tax credit of a little more than $400,000, McClure said.

McClure had moved to Michigan with his family because of the state's film incentives, which also apply to video games, music videos, TV shows and other forms of entertainment.

Scientifically Proven is working on several projects, but McClure said it has been more difficult to land work since the state announced a $25-million cap on incentives for film and other entertainment.

"I'm trying my best" to stay in Michigan, he said.

18 June 2011

Man vs. Wild: The Game - In Stores Now

For Immediate Release

Scientifically Proven is Proud to Announce the Release of Man vs. Wild: The Game

Scientifically Proven Entertainment, Michigan’s premiere video game console developer, is proud to announce the release of Man vs. Wild: The Game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

The game, a co-production with Floor84 Studio, is based on the hit Discovery Channel series starring Bear Grylls, and is the first game developed for all three home game consoles in Michigan. “This is a big step for the game community in Michigan” said Nathaniel McClure, CEO of Scientifically Proven, “We are incredibly proud to be the first of what is sure to be many new developers producing, developing, and shipping multi platform console titles in Michigan”.

Along with Man vs. Wild: The Game, Scientifically Proven Entertainment, or SPE for short, has spent the last year working closely with Michigan State University’s Capstone program, helping the next generation of programmers, artists and designers learn the ins and out of video game production. “Working with MSU has been a great experience for us, and I hope for the students as well” SPE’s Creative Director Chris Kagel, who moved to Michigan from Los Angeles said, “I’m really impressed with the talent that Michigan has.”

SPE also produced the Michigan made independent film, Sucker alongside Big Screen Entertainment. Directed by Michael Manasseri, Sucker, was filmed entirely in Pontiac. The cast and crew was almost entirely from Michigan, including the lead actress, Jordan Trovillion. “Working in film and television is a big part of what we do at SPE,” McClure said, “We are not just a game company we are an interactive entertainment company. We will do our best to help Michigan become the interactive and entertainment capitol of the Midwest.”

Scientifically Proven Entertainment, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, was founded in 2009 by talent from, among other titles, the commercially successful, critically acclaimed Call of Duty, Tom Clancy, Command & Conquer and Guitar Hero franchises.

Scientifically Proven, and their sister studio Floor84 Studio in Los Angeles covers a large range of development and production capabilities on all medias and platforms including Nintendo Wii and DS, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and PSP, Apple iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, Android, Social Networking Sites, and PC.

13 June 2011

Guns for Games

Coming soon to a city near you our "Guns for Games" firearms trade in program that allows any individual to trade-in a firearm for a copy of the latest and greatest game titles.

Our initial launch cities will be Detroit, MI and Los Angeles, CA in 2012

Help us get guns off the streets.

19 May 2011

Sucker - Check out our new movie!

Produced by Big Screen Entertainment and Scientifically Proven with Special FX by Scientifically Proven

Official Sucker Movie Site

14 May 2011